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We are the economical and expert concrete contractors Georgetown TX that install a wide range of concrete services with a specialized team that offers the following concrete installation and replacement services using concrete or cement for residential and commercial concrete, which are:

  • Stamped Concrete;
  • Concrete Stain;
  • Concrete Resurfacing;
  • Concrete Driveway;
  • Concrete Patio;
  • Concrete Leveling;
  • Concrete Repair;
  • Concrete Foundation;
  • Concrete Sidewalk;
  • Concrete Pool Deck;
  • Concrete Stairs and Ramps;
  • and More!

We’ve been providing expert concrete contractor services in Georgetown TX for decades, and installing, repairing, and maintaining concrete is a breeze for us. We’re your best bet if you’re looking for home residential concrete contractors or commercial concrete contractors in Georgetown TX and surrounding areas who specialize in concrete management, construction concrete, cement construction, and cement contractor consultations.

We make certain that we are a concrete contracting company that delivers high-quality concrete installation services and projects for commercial and residential clients in the Georgetown TX region.

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When you choose GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown, you can be confident that you are getting the best information and deals in town because we don’t cut corners with our supplies, and especially not with how we treat our customers because every project is performed to construction industry standards with years of concrete expertise; from excavation, structure, range, safety, and requirements, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve and the foundation you need.

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown is your source for dependable concrete work and long-lasting order results because we take great pride in our work, regardless of specifications or facilities, and we are honored that so many residents and businesses in Georgetown TX are pleased with our professional services.

We always put the customer first, so if you’re looking for concrete work, you can rely on us for a quick inspection checkup ASAP for high-quality service, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our workmanship, price, or any problem you may encounter that prompts you to get your local concrete guys with impeccable customer service experience and value-added affordable pricing.

Pricing Up Front

We never leave you in the dark regarding the cost of your service since we always explain pricing and other service specifics before we begin any work. There are no surprises or hidden costs.

Highly Skilled Contractors

We have decades of expertise as an experienced Contractor. We know what works and what doesn't, and we do the task correctly the first time.

Excellent Service

Our employees take pleasure in the excellent quality of their work, and we're delighted to provide top-rated concrete service you can rely on regardless how far you are.

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Stamped Concrete:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Stamped Concrete Project in Georgetown

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown offers in-demand stamped concrete services and is renowned as the finest for stamped concrete Georgetown TX services for primary sorts of concrete works such as:

  • Stamped Concrete Sidewalk;
  • Stamped Concrete Walkway;
  • Stamped Concrete Driveway;
  • Stamped Concrete Patio.

These textured and imprinted concrete will allow you to enjoy decorated stone, slate, and tiles that benefit your property, and there are numerous varieties of stamped concrete we supply, so here are some types of stamped concrete to help you decide which would suit you best:

Flagstone Stamped Concrete; When it comes to stamped concrete, flagstone is one of the most intriguing options available. It provides a distinct and unique aesthetic to what you’ve been using, and we offer it to all Georgetown, TX homeowners.

Brick Stamped Concrete; Bricks are one of the oldest construction materials available, and they are incredibly trustworthy and easy to deal with. We take pleasure in being the best in bricked stamped concrete, so you can expect our work to be durable and solid since it does not break easily and provides superior structural beauty.

Wood Stamped Concrete; Many residential properties in Georgetown, TX, will benefit from various colored wood-stamped concrete. A good example is when your terrace is laced with grey stamped concrete, which will create curb appeal, increase property value, and demonstrate your good taste.

Italian Slate Stamped Concrete; This is a dependable stamped concrete that may supply what your pathway and driveways need with a southern European oriented style that adds value and provides long-lasting structure.

Cobblestone Stamped Concrete; The cobblestone design is a unique sort of stamped concrete that you can use in your pool decks and parkway since it is readily accessible, economical, and suited for all residential and private properties; hence, we supply this as a value for money concrete contractor certified service.

Concrete Stain:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Stain Project in Georgetown

We provide vibrant concrete stain colors and well-designed patterning for concrete staining Georgetown TX that even our chemicals help penetrate the cement and integrate permanent colors that will not fade or peel for a high-quality concrete stain; to the point where our bespoke methods to beautify your concrete can be applied to all types of concrete jobs such as:

  • stained concrete driveway;
  • stained concrete patio;
  • stained concrete porch.

Furthermore, so that you are not left in the dark, here are some color stains for concrete that you may incorporate:

Acid Stain Concrete; We provide long-lasting acid stain concrete that may give your concrete with excellent and vibrant colors for a permanent solution for any outdoor concrete staining that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Water-based concrete stains; We offer water-based concrete staining, which can help give your concrete a new level of sophistication because the water-based concrete stain comes in a variety of colors such as black concrete stain, pink concrete stain, white concrete stain, and semi-transparent concrete stains, among others, which completely creates a higher level of value for your concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Resurfacing project in Georgetown

Expect a new concrete resurfacing Georgetown TX with GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown, whether it is for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces, and we can give your outdoor and interior surfaces a new look without the effort of completely replacing them with our effective techniques that save you a lot of money over pouring new concrete over your existing surfaces.

Concrete resurfacing also offers decorative treatments, enabling you to customize the look of your floors and concrete surfaces from garages to basements.

When you put us to the test, the concrete resurfacing procedure is straightforward and economical. You can tell us your specifications and we will make it happen quickly and simply; we can make your concrete appear like cobblestone, swirl, and bromide. In light of this, below are some of the Concrete Resurfacing services that we provide:

  • Concrete Patio Resurfacing;
  • Concrete Garage Floors Resurfacing;
  • Concrete Basements Resurfacing;
  • Concrete Driveway Resurfacing.

Concrete Driveway:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Driveway project in Georgetown

You’re at the proper spot for getting your concrete driveway installed or repaired with GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown as your local concrete driveway Georgetown TX contractor.

Although there are other options to consider when choosing a driveway, concrete is by far the most popular because of its durability and inexpensive cost, which makes sense for both households and businesses.

Although concrete is more expensive than asphalt, it is less expensive than brick or pavers in the long run. Concrete’s durability saves money in the long run while also offering a clean appearance in terms of curb appeal.

With that stated, here at GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown, we use industry-grade standards and provide a variety of concrete driveway services to beautify and preserve your driveways, including:

  • concrete driveway coating;
  • concrete driveway sealers;
  • concrete driveway installation;
  • concrete driveway landscaping;
  • concrete driveway maintenance.

We also perform concrete driveway thickness checks and aim for a superb up-to-date modern concrete driveway installation and construction.

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Concrete and Paving work is essential and we will be available to do the jobs you require in your home. Our friendly staff are taking all precautionary measures and keeping to best hygiene practices.

Concrete Patio:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Patio project in Georgetown

When dealing with concrete patio Georgetown TX, we are talking about a patio made from poured concrete slabs and we use original materials like tiles, flagstone, and pavers to make the concrete patios that you deserve which are durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

When you hire us, you may have the following varieties of concrete patios:

Backyard Concrete Patio; Choosing a concrete patio backyard for your property is vital when contemplating what you want for your lawn and backyard, and you can have a brief talk with us about your preferences so we can advise on the finest concrete patios you can utilize.

Raised Concrete Patio; People who live in multi-story buildings or who utilize decks require a comprehensive concrete patio installation that can withstand storms and other natural calamities, which may be accomplished with a raised concrete patio for further backyard preservation.

Colored Concrete Patio; We have a variety of colored concrete patios that will work for you, including modern concrete patios in pink, blue, and black.

Concrete Repair:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Repair project in Georgetown

This is a process where your due concrete repairs Georgetown TX are fixed using quality materials and equipment because we offer concrete repair to all residents of Georgetown TX who want a good repair and installation of concrete, and we can help fix cracked concrete, chipped-out surfaces, and surface scaling.

When it comes to concrete repairs, we provide the following services:

Concrete Epoxy Repair; Whenever your concrete cracks or is stained, using concrete epoxy repair in Georgetown is your biggest bet since we can repair the concrete garage floor entrance and sidewalks including repair 8.6 oz, concrete foundation crack repairs, and quikrete fast set concrete crack around your house.

Concrete Driveway Crack Repair; We also repair cracks in parking lots and driveways with instant, quick solutions that can extend the life of your driveway and give long-term value with a bang for your buck fix.

Concrete Step Repair; It’s vital to repair cracked concrete stairs to avoid accidents from slipping on your staircases, which we undertake as part of our finest concrete repair services.

Concrete Slab:

Another service we provide to our many clients is concrete slab Georgetown TX, which is a part of concrete foundations. When we talk about integrating concrete slabs, it’s because these modern slabs are made of high-quality, long-lasting concrete cast, and we can even use thick steel-reinforced slabs to help make your floors and ceilings more durable

Take a look at some of the concrete slabs we work with:

Concrete Patio Slabs; Concrete slabs for patios are fragile constructions, so hiring a reputable concrete slab contractor is the best choice. This will ensure that the slab concrete foundation for your home or business will last the test of time.

Raising Concrete Slab; The raising concrete slab is a beautiful concrete slab that may look excellent on your house, and it’s extremely useful for those who live in high-rise structures that need a strong foundation.

Pouring Concrete Slab; We can create a beautiful slab pour that will look wonderful on your house after it has solidified, as well as assist with pergolas on concrete slabs to help give your structure an attractive appearance.

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Concrete and Paving work is essential and we will be available to do the jobs you require in your home. Our friendly staff are taking all precautionary measures and keeping to best hygiene practices.

Concrete Deck:

Many communities and private residences in Georgetown TX have decks, but not every concrete deck is done by experts, which can result in cracks and defacing, so finding a trustworthy concrete deck near me is a wonderful decision for folks living in Georgetown TX. Our concrete deck services include the following:

Concrete Deck Repair; We provide high-quality concrete deck repair to Georgetown TX homeowners, and we do so with the greatest equipment and materials available. Decks may be delicate, so hiring the best-stamped concrete pool deck contractors is your best choice.

Concrete Deck Resurfacing; Many homes in Georgetown, Texas, require deck repair; however, not all decks require complete replacement because some only require resurfacing to make them seem nicer and more appealing. This means that your deck may be fine and dandy while also extending its life span.

Concrete Foundation:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working Concrete Foundation in Georgetown

Concrete foundation Georgetown TX is designed to be done by reputable concrete services to create sturdy, long-lasting flooring, driveways, and any other construction required; this is to guarantee that traffic from automobiles and passersby does not degrade the area. We provide the following concrete foundations:

T-shaped Concrete Foundation; We can help you build a T-shaped foundation that repairs fractured walls when the slab is poured inside the walls to maintain your earth in the case of freezing.

Slab-on-grade Foundation; This occurs when a slab is placed between the concrete and this foundation is intended to assist the concrete in forming a sturdy footing by reinforcing and strengthening the concrete’s thickening.

Frost Protected; We utilize polystyrene insulation on the exterior concrete to assist avoid freezing.

Concrete Sidewalk & Walkways:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown's Staff working on a Concrete Sidewalk project in Georgetown.

Concrete sidewalks Georgetown TX that are both aesthetic and functional. One of our specialties is carving the pavement and pathway that you deserve in Georgetown, Texas. We can assist you in constructing the best sidewalks and walkways, and you can trust us to do so.

When we refer to concrete sidewalks, we are referring to:

Modern Concrete Walkways; We can assist you to get new concrete walkways that meet your standards, and these concrete walkways can withstand foot traffic and are sturdy, making your entire porch and house doorway seem nice.

Concrete Walkway Molding; To fully tailor the overall appearance of your pathway and sidewalk, we create unique molding for walkway and sidewalk designs.

FAQs about Concrete Contractors:

Expect to pay between $4.25 and $6.25 per square foot for a standard concrete slab, and to get an even better idea of how much your task will cost, seek quotations from local contractors who can evaluate the site or location. Consider $125 as a rough estimate for a yard of concrete; however, concrete prices vary by area, and you'll have to pay a ready mix delivery fee as well as labor expenses if you use a contractor.

  • Do Your Research;
  • Look for Experience;
  • Verify The Insurance;
  • Ask for and Contact References;
  • Compare Prices
  • Measure Your Interactions.

Concrete construction is a chosen technique for a wide range of construction applications because of its strength, durability, reflectivity, and flexibility; these properties make it a durable and long-lasting option for a wide range of residential and commercial circumstances.


Concrete is a common construction material that is made by blending aggregate, cement, small stones, sand, gravel, and water, and all of the components bond together to make a stone-like structure.


Georgetown, GTX Concrete Contractor. “Concrete Contractor Georgetown | GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown.” View Article,, 14 May 2022,

Concrete Penthouse

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If you need concrete work in Georgetown TX, check with the Concrete Construction Permit Laws Here, and be pleased to know that we are fully licensed and insured under Texas Contractor Laws Here.

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More About Georgetown TX:

Georgetown is a city in the state of Texas. The 1911 Courthouse and the Old Williamson County Jail, both of Victorian era, are among the structures in the city’s Downtown Historic District. In the Williamson Museum, local history is investigated. Southwestern University’s Fountainwood Observatory is renowned in the east. A lagoon can be found in Blue Hole Park along the San Gabriel River. In the south is Inner Space Cavern, a sizable cavern filled with numerous stalactites. 

Elevation: 755′
Area: 59.63 mi²
Population: 75,470 (2020)
Mayor: Josh Schroeder
Local time: Friday 5:17 AM
Area code: Area code 512

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GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown are proud winners of 2021 and 2020 Product Review awards in the concrete category. These awards highlight our dedication to outstanding customer service. Product Review provides a platform for real-life experiences. Check out some of our customers’ reviews below:

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown was brilliant, arrived on time and did a great job replacing our concrete driveway cracks on a Saturday evening after ours got chipped a lot. Hoping we don’t need emergency services, but would definitely work with them again!


Martin Smith - Georgetown TX

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown arrived at my door quickly and promptly. Thhey diagnosed an uneven concrete from the newly installed slab by a previous contractor for our walkway  and sorted the issue fast. They had our problems sorted out in no time.


Shelly Barns - Georgetown TX

GTX Concrete Contractor Georgetown was the first to respond to me as I had a patio design wanting to be done. They were quick to send out a worker within the day. They phoned before arriving and gave us plenty of options. The service was quick and easy.


Jacob Luke - Georgetown TX

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